Taipei Taiwan Travel Guide for First Timers (2)

We find ourselves in the National Palace Museum that opened in 1965. If you like history, then this is where to be! National Palace Museum includes a humongous group of 700,000 permanent displays of Chinese Imperial history and art that crosses over 2000 decades plus ancient Chinese artifacts and art that dates to the Portuguese age, or better called the”Stone Age”.

The most popular thing in its group is that the Jadeite Cabbage. Carved throughout the 19th century, it’s a bit of jadeite that’s been formed to resemble a mind of Chinese cabbage and contains a locust and a grasshopper camouflaged in its foliage. Legend states that the sculpture is a metaphor for female fertility, together with the white cabbage stem symbolizing innocence, the leaves of the cabbage symbolizing fertility, as well as the insects representing kids.

Taipei Taiwan Travel Guide for First Timers (2)

Another historically important landmark on the trek to find out about the history of Taiwan is that the Chiang Kia-shek Memorial Hall. The memorial marks the geographical and cultural centre of Taipei. It’s the most visited attraction by overseas tourists. The pagoda style memorial hall includes a presidential library and museum on the floor level. The memorial hall along with its neighboring Liberty Square plaza encompasses 60 acres and contains lots of ponds and backyard spaces.

My favourite spot to see while at Taiwan is a place named Beitou. The mineral waters from the numerous natural geothermal vents in Beitou are famed for their healing and curative properties. An whole sector of springs bathhouses and hotels have sprung up in Beitou offering odor treatment, massages, and hydrotherapy. There are a whole lot of areas where tourists may soak their feet from the hot springs flow. Make Sure You See the Hot Springs Museum. When it was constructed in 1913, it was the biggest public bathhouse in Asia at the moment. Nowadays, the museum provides a glimpse in its bathhouse facilities and Beitou’s history.

Taipei Taiwan Travel Guide for First Timers (2)

Taipei Taiwan Travel Guide for First Timers (2)

Then take a look at the Beitou general library. Its wooden construction that fits effortlessly into its Beitou Park setting. Through usage of eco-friendly attributes and layout, the library is Taiwan’s first”green” construction. The library started in 2006 and has been constructed to decrease the use of electricity and water. To do so, architects used big windows to letting in natural lighting along with a solar panel roof to offer the power required for operation. Additionally, the library collects rain water to be saved and used to flush its bathrooms.

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Tamsui is situated on the western tip of Taipei and our favourite place was that the Fisherman’s Wharf. We learned not only do the restaurants that dot the Fisherman’s Wharf boardwalk supply the freshest fish available, in addition, it provides stunning sunset views. Fisherman’s Wharf still acts as a sanctuary for local sailors and they provide harbor for 150 boats! Our favourite walk is across the”Lover’s Bridge” pedestrian bridge, also called such since it started on Valentine’s Day 2003.

Its structure looks like a sailing ship’s masts. It had been really about a 3-minute walk throughout the bridge, which in sunset is magnificent. Lover’s Bridge is also a excellent spot to capture the annual fireworks concert and show the city hosts annually to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day (which happens in August rather than February 14th). Another way to experience Tamsui would be to take a ferry in the Tamsui Ferry Pier and disembark in the Fisherman’s Wharf. The ferry is a inexpensive way to view fantastic perspectives of the Tamsui waterfront. A one time fare costs just $2 USD and requires only about 15 minutes.

Although our Taiwan holiday appears to have been within the blink of an eye, it was astonishing! Even though there’s much more to view, we believe we made the most of our journeys in Taipei. I hope your trip turns out to be equally as enlightening and surrounding as ours.

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