A First Timer’s Guide to Visiting Turkey

When it’s your very first trip to Turkey, especially if it’s also your first vacation beyond Europe, you may be wondering what is awaiting you from the Dalaman Airport transfers onwards. Here are a couple of methods and reassurances under a number of those timeless concern headings.

Heat. The Internet’s filled with information how to shield yourself from sunlight and dehydration, so read up and be sensible. Essentially, you’d take the very same precautions you would in nations such as Greece or Spain, for instance.

Alcohol. The huge majority of Turkish men and women are teetotal and Muslim. But, they’re also quite tolerant and relaxed regarding people’ own choices and alcohol is usually publicly available. Notice, however, that excessive intake and public displays of drunkenness are somewhat more frowned upon than in a number of different nations.

A First Timer’s Guide to Visiting Turkey

Religion. Islam is the faith of the great majority of Turks, but that is seldom a problem for people from abroad. Do note however that unlike the situation with dinosaurs in Europe, Turks are usually very respectful of their environs of a mosque, such as in the surrounding roads. Therefore, along with the alcohol guidance above, remember to dress modestly and prevent disrespectful behaviour (playing loud music, yelling and dancing, horsing around, revving engines up etc.) if you are likely to become close-by a mosque

Dress code. Holiday hotel dress criteria are pretty much according to European hotel standards. Nobody heads short bathing outfits on the shore or at hotel pool places. As soon as you’re off the’first line’ caf├ęs and bars, however, the standard may be to groom a bit more conservatively if you are going to a store or walking in the road. In passing, do not believe this just applies to girls. Men walking into niches wearing quite short swimming trunks may also not be regarded as respecting local traditions. Look what others do and usually follow their lead.

A First Timer's Guide to Visiting Turkey

A First Timer’s Guide to Visiting Turkey

Haggling. Dalaman Airport transfers will send you in shopping world that is quite unlike the majority of Europe. Take local information regarding’best practice’ since there may be several variations depending on the area.

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As a rule of thumb, haggling does not occur in major European-style shops, trendy stores, supermarkets, restaurants and a few basic foodstuff stalls. It does occur in many stalls in bazaars, but where you’re going to be considering things like clothing, leather goods, jewelry, arts and crafts and so forth. Always be ready to walk off when haggling, regardless of the protestations of the seller. Most importantly, do not forget your Dalaman airport transports will be the beginning of a fantastic vacation in a wonderful country.

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